Types of Appliances

Fixed Palatal Expander

A fixed palatal expander is an appliance that is cemented or anchored on the upper first molars and gently widens the upper jaw. This appliance is most effective in younger children, when the midpalatal suture is not yet ossified or fused.

Removable Palatal Expander:

A removable palatal expander also expands or widens the upper jaw anchoring on the upper first molars, however, it is removable and although inteded to me be worn full time, shoule be removed for brushing your teeth and eating.

Elastics or Rubberbands

Elastics are worn to connect the upper and lower arches together and improve the overall bite.


Retainers are removable or fixed appliances that keep your teeth in place after your orthodontic treatment is complete and your teeth are straight and your bite comfortable. Our retainers are made of a clear, transparent material that is clear and comfortable, making nightly wear easy!

Forsus Appliance

The Forsus Appliance is fixed appliance made of a small stainless steel spring and a tube that gently moves the teeth and jaws to improve the bite.


Separators are small rubber bands that are placed between the back molars and adjacent teeth to create space for orthodontic bands or rings to be placed at the subsequent appointment. Separators stay in from 4-7 days and are removed when the appliance is inserted or when an appliance is sent to a lab to be made. We recommend avoiding sticky foods and flossing those teeth during that time short time period to ensure that they stay in.

Twin Block Appliance

The Twin Block Appliance is a removable functional appliance that is made of simple bite blocks that encourage growth of the lower jaw.